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San Francisco is the center of the online world, and we are well networked there. As much as we love the city, we prefer San Diego weather.

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Over 15 years experience creating and implementing localized 

marktting strategies for leading 

international brands.

Founder of CIVA

Ecommerce, Mortgage Lead Gen, Educational Lead Gen, Automated User Agent Development, Custom API Development, and more.

World class consultants!

Scott Hinton

I take brands from inception through funding, and on to a liquidity event. My team has a proven track record.

Enda Sengunlar

Jeremy Briggs

Kieran Daniels

Senior Web Developer

Marketing Automation 

Serial entrepeneur with extensive experience building #slack teams, automating operations, and launching marketing platforms.

International Specialist

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"CIVA Consulting provided LifeProof with more than 1000 hours of consulting services during our first year of operations -  I loved their work."

Daniel Koziel, LifeProof

"Jeremy Briggs at CIVA Consulting is one of the few people that truly understands how to create and implement an end-to-end marketing platform. "

Kieran Daniels, Instapage

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